Product Review | CAPO Pursuit Hi-Vis Thermal Jacket

“Classic Design, Progressive Function.” In creating their Pursuit line, CAPO was going for classic Italian styling with a strong focus on precise panel placement for long-term comfort. The materials are meant to deliver performance day-in and day-out and the jacket has yet to disappoint. FUNCTIONALITY first. The jacket was plenty warm, stopped just the right amount of wind, and felt like my favorite pair of pajamas! In terms of FIT, CAPO nailed it. I would venture to call it the perfect performance fit. It was not overly tight which allowed for a little bit of layering, but not in any way flappy or baggy. And finally, let’s touch on STYLE. It had all of the perks of being a Hi-Vis jacket and made me extremely visible to others on the road, but did it in such a way that it wasn’t flashy, cheesy, or fluorescent yellow. It was an amazing combination of functionality and classic Italian minimalist styling. As we all know, the devil is in the details…read the full review of the CAPO Jacket HERE.