Product Review | Kali Phenom Road Helmet

When it comes to the helmet game, by and large there hasn’t been much in the way of innovation until just recently, and just about all of that innovation has come in the form of aero helmets that are roughly the same size as a standard helmet. Meanwhile, Kali has made a radical departure from traditional helmet construction in an effort to make a helmet that spreads impact over a greater area of the helmet to protect your noggin when that big impact happens.

Through the use of “SuperVents”, Kali has been able to construct their helmets from lighter, lower density foam to absorb energy in a crash. SuperVents achieve this by using a plastic reinforcement surrounding large vents in key areas of the helmet’s structure. They act like a bumper on a car does to spread an impact over a larger area of the chassis. The result is that when Kali helmets take a big impact, they compress rather than shatter like traditional helmets.

There’s a side benefit to these SuperVents as well. They serve as a great docking port for sunglasses. When I was sweating profusely while struggling up Prefumo Canyon here in San Luis Obispo I had no trouble guiding the ear stems of my Smith Pivloc sunglasses into the giant SuperVents of the Phenom where they stayed securely…

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