Product Review | Skratch Labs Hyper Hydration Mix

Taking a different approach to cycling nutrition and hydration has been Skratch Labs’ calling card from day one. Pushing real food instead of processed bars and producing drink mixes aimed solely at hydration rather than a combination of fueling and hydration, there is no doubt that Skratch has been a disruptive force in the cycling nutrition category. Perhaps their most radical product yet is their Hyper Hydration Mix.

Skratch Labs Allen LimIntended for use 30 minutes before heading out, Hyper Hydration Mix is designed to turn your body into a spare water bottle. Absolutely loaded with sodium (a whopping 1700mg per serving) it acts to not only boost electrolyte levels, but also helps your body to hold onto water when riding in the hottest environments.

The scientist behind this concoction, Dr. Allen Lim, was at first very hesitant to offer this product to the public. In fact, his sales pitch can be summed up as, ‘it’s probably not for you.’ I’d go so far as to call it the anti sales pitch. There are so many warnings about how this much sodium can cause serious health problems if you have a heart condition, that Skratch advises customers to consult a doctor before using it if they even have high blood pressure.

I must admit that the anti sales pitch piqued my interest. I wondered, ‘What could this stuff do for me? If this stuff isn’t for most people, who is it for?’

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