Review: Bar Fly Computer Mount for Garmin

The Bar Fly mount for Garmin computers is a simple creation with a profound function. Designed by a bike racer, this accessory may seem superfluous and perhaps overpriced at $40, but I found it to be quite useful and well worth the money.

The Bar Fly computer mount can hold the Garmin Edge 200, 500 or 800.

If you haven’t heard of or seen this nifty contraption before, it’s a mount that holds computers from Garmin’s Edge collection, placing the computer out in front of your bars so you can see it better. My first impression of the Bar Fly was not exactly positive. ‘Is this really something I need,’ I thought to myself. Every component on my bike has a purpose and I’ve never used anything that didn’t serve a function. Of course aesthetics play a huge role in gear selection – I occasionally run white bar tape because I love the look – but that tape serves the purpose of providing grip and comfort for my hands.

I’ve always thought the Bar Fly looked cool, especially on the tricked out bikes of the riders in the pro peloton. But I had to ride with it before I could appreciate its functionality.

On my first ride, I got it. I immediately understood the point and the need for the Bar Fly. It is significantly easier to see my computer with it mounted out in front of my bars. I can see the screen without having to move my head at all. The mount is most useful while climbing when you’re out of the saddle. If you’re like me and do hill repeats often, this is a huge benefit because I’m constantly staring at my Garmin while climbing to track my heart rate.

Moving your computer out in front of your bars makes it significantly easier to see.

Installation took about two minutes and all I needed was a 3mm allen key. It holds my Garmin Edge 500 firmly in place, much tighter than the mount that came with the computer. With my computer positioned on my stem clamped to the stock mounts, I would occasionally un-center the computer if I pushed a button too hard. That’s basically impossible with the Bar Fly and yet it rotates easily to pop off the mount.

An added bonus to the Bar Fly is that it’s made and produced right here in California and is compatible with the Edge 200, 500 and 800. The packaging is very minimal and there’s a one year warranty covering all manufacturing defects. This uncomplicated add-on to your bike cleans up your stem, gives your bike a pro look and will make it much easier to see your computer.