Review: Enve Carbon DH Riser Handlebar

There was a time not that long ago that the thought of a carbon fiber downhill bar was scoffed at. Enve changed all that with this handlebar. Designed for and tested on the crushingly brutal World Cup DH circuit, the Enve Carbon DH Riser Bar didn’t just meet the challenge it was given; it surpassed it. Downhill legends Steve Peat and Greg Minaar have proven this bar can perform and win at the World Championship level.

With XC weight and DH toughness, the Enve DH riser bar is a joy to ride. While it was never tested on a downhill race bike, the Enve DH bar is a perfect fit for my 5.5” travel Specialized Stumpy EVO all-mountain bike that is punished on extremely rocky trails and on jump lines where downhill bikes are often found in our neck of the woods. Cut down from the stock 800mm width to 780mm, the Enve DH bars never felt out of place or overkill for this bike out on our local trails. They are remarkably tough as well and survived a yearlong testing period relatively unscathed. While the Enve DH riser bar is labeled for downhill use, all-mountain riders or singlespeeders looking for some extra torque without a weight penalty should put this bar at the top of their list for consideration as their next handlebar.

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