Review: Fix It Sticks T-Way Wrench

When our first shipment of Custom Fix It Sticks arrived over a year ago, we knew we were looking at a best seller. Their innovative design and lightweight construction jumped out at us immediately, as the Sticks seemed to bridge the gap between shop tool and trail tool.

Two things were obvious to us from the get go, however, and we are glad to see that the makers of Fix It Sticks saw them also.  First, the tools could be even more versatile with removable bits, and second, the T-handle design inherently made them a good candidate for heavy-duty shop use. Thus, while many cyclists focused on the recent release of the new Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition—which is an excellent addition to anyone’s toolbox—we were even more excited by the Fix It Sticks T-Way Wrench.T Way Bits

Where the T-Handle shines is on the workbench. Permanently bonded and made of steel, its main advantage over standard 3-way wrenches is replaceable tool bits. Shipping with a 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, and 6-millimeter hex bit, along with a T25 star bit, the T-Way is almost three tools in one. After a quick trip to my closest hardware store for a 1.5, an 8, and even a 10-millimeter bit, I had just about every hex and star wrench needed for my bike, all in one tool and for less than forty bucks. Bits are held securely with a magnet affixed inside each ¼” socket, and a small carrying tube is included to store the stock bits, although I keep them all in a small bin for easy access.

Using the T-Way is easy and effective, and its space-saving design is welcome on my undersized, crowded workbench. Threading and unthreading bolts was easier with the T-Way than with any other wrench thanks to a metal sleeve held in place with two O-rings. By holding the sleeve with the thumb and forefinger of one hand and spinning the top of the “T” with the other, I was able to quickly snug bolts up and spin them out once untorqued. Spinning a typical wrench in this manner usually results in a dropped tool and scratched bike. Ergonomically, I found the T-Way to be noticeably more comfortable than a standard round-bodied three-way wrench. It’s 90-degree angle between “arms” makes it much more natural to grasp, especially for using the shorter arms during higher-torque applications.

Essentially three tools in one, the T-Way proved to be more convenient than an assortment of three-way and single-size wrenches. Having all the bits in one small bin saves space and makes finding the correct size easier than digging through a toolbox drawer or reaching for a different wrench every time a new bolt size is encountered.

If you are just starting to build your tool collection, save yourself a lot of hassle and buy yourself a Fix It Sticks T-Way wrench. You will save plenty of space and money without giving up convenience or power. Additionally, you can now sell all your fancy hex wrenches and get a T-Way along with a new pair of shoes with the left over cash.