Review: Halo II Headband

I sweat. A lot. Most of this sweat seems to come from my head on hot days and it usually ends up in my eyes pretty quickly. On road and ‘cross rides the sweat never seems to be a problem because I am rolling fast enough that the air naturally evaporates the sweat before it gets in my eyes. However, when mountain biking on a hot, humid day the sweat can get so bothersome that I find myself constantly wiping off my brow with my gloves which invariably leads to my hands slipping on the grips. Having sweat in my eyes is an annoyance when climbing and is downright dangerous when descending with the added distraction and impaired vision it causes. My hope was that the Halo II headband would solve this problem and make riding a bit more enjoyable and hopefully a little safer too.

The Sweat Block Seal is the secret to how the Halo II keeps sweat out of your eyes.

The Halo II is unique in that it has a thin silicone strip called a “Sweat Block Seal” that runs across the inside lower edge of the headband along the portion that contacts the forehead. This seal is designed to catch the sweat and direct it toward the outer edges of the strip, just like a drip rail on the roof of a car. The thin headband fit easily under my Giro Xar mountain helmet with only 4 clicks required on the RocLoc5 to open the retention system up far enough to accommodate it. Once on, the Halo II never slipped down or interfered with the helmet. My helmet fit felt normal and actually slightly more secure than when used without the Halo II, as it eliminated some of the helmet rock that is normally present with my oblong head.

Out on the trail the Halo II did everything it was advertised to do and kept the sweat out of my eyes on even the hottest days. Now when I wipe my brow the only sweat that is there is from my brow, rather than the rest of my head. The headband saturates fairly quickly because it absorbs so little sweat, but the Dryline fabric helps in the evaporation process and prevents the sweat from running over the top and down the front of the headband. My only complaint is that my head is slightly warmer with the Halo II on but I gladly make that sacrifice so that I can avoid the annoyance of constantly wiping my brow. Ever since I first used the Halo II, when I forget to wear it, I am a little bummed out. To me that best illustrates what a great product the Halo II really is.