Review | Race Face Next SL Crankset

Let’s start with a few indisputable facts: the Race Face Next SL Crankset is the lightest widely available production crank on the market, plus, at well under $500 with a direct mount chainring, these cranks are a great deal compared to Shimano XTR M9000. Then there is the wide compatibility with virtually every bottom bracket standard in the mountain bike world provided by one of Race Face’s dedicated bottom brackets. So on paper, they are unbeatable.

But, as any cycling gear head will tell you, there is often a wide gap between real world performance/functionality and the purportedly ideal product that solves all your problems while trouncing its competition. However, Race Face has indeed pulled this off with the Next SL Cranks. Installation with their Cinch system was straightforward and simple, and the cranks just keep quietly doing their job at the highest level. While you’ll have to take my word for it on that last bit, I think you’ll have no trouble finding plenty of others to agree with me when I say, ‘this may be the best crank I’ve ever used.’

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