Review | SRAM Guide RSC Brakes

Brakes only slow you down, it’s true, but we all know that the best brakes give you the confidence to ride faster before applying those brakes. What makes a great brake; massive power or ultimate control? While it’s true that both are required in some measure, I think we can agree that power is certainly the more seductive of the two.

When SRAM went back to the drawing board to create a better brake to supersede its popular XO Trail model, it escaped the siren song of power above all else. This isn’t to say the SRAM Guide RSC brakes aren’t powerful, far from it; the power is on par with the outgoing XO Trail brake that offered downhill braking power at trailbike weight. What makes the Guide RSC special is the incredible control available at the point of lockup. That level of control means less skidding tires and shorter stopping distances.

How much shorter you ask? Short enough that I have no doubt that riders switching to the Guide RSC will be posting new Strava PR’s on their favorite descents.

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