Ritchey WCS Vantage II Alloy 29er Wheelset Review

Ritchey Vantage II ReviewRiders hunting for mountain bike trail wheels have a lot of choices these days. Ritchey Components offers the WCS Vantage II 29er Alloy wheelset as an everyday wheelset that is light enough to be competitive for riders that participate in occasional races or the Tuesday Afternoon World Championships group ride. What Ritchey brings to the table with the WCS Vantage II is a high quality wheelset made to exacting standards from traditional components. This approach nets a wheelset that is stiff, tough, and made to go the distance.

Each wheelset is supplied with a card that outlines the spoke lengths, spoke tension range, as well as lateral and vertical true. This wheelset came in with an impressive spoke tension range between 90 and 100 kilograms and a lateral and vertical true range of less than 0.20mm and 0.30mm respectively. These numbers spell quality.

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