Stuff I Like: Swiftwick Socks Mini Review

The Swiftwick Olefin Four Performance Sock

I discovered the Swiftwick Olefin Four Performance sock a few years ago and may never ride in another sock again. That is with the exception of the Merino Four Pursuit in the winter when I need a little extra warmth. The performance line is made from a material called Olefin, which is a Nobel Prize-winning fiber that’s light and breathable with superb abrasion resistance and outstanding durability. Best of all, the production of Olefin has less environmental impact than most polymers because it leaves very little waste and is easier to recycle than most synthetic fibers.

These socks are slightly thicker than a “classic” cycling sock like the DeFeet Aireator. They aren’t bulky by any means, just denser and more substantial. If you prefer a really thin sock, the Swiftwick Pulse will be more to your liking. My socks have withstood daily use and I have yet to wear through a single pair.

The four inch compression cuff promotes blood flow to your feet, thus improving circulation and increasing performance. We also have a two inch and one inch cuff option available. A 200-needle construction is the highest you’ll find in any sock. This creates a softer, denser, more durable sock. In other words, buy Swiftwick and you’ll buy fewer socks. It’s that simple.

The Swiftwick Merino Four Pursuit Sock