Race Report

We love cycling here at Artscyclery.com.  Here’s a recent race report from Evan, our clothing buyer. Enjoy.

I know racing isn’t all about the bike. But after my fastest 40k split in an Olympic distance triathlon last weekend, I’ve got to give the majority of the credit to my new ride, a 2009 Cervelo P3C with a Zipp 1080 rear wheel and an 808 front. I clocked my split at 57:40, which is an average speed over 25 mph. The course is inherently fast, but slight undulations and some cross winds make the route deceptively challenging. I had raced here many times before and never gone under an hour on the bike leg. I was shocked when I checked my Garmin after the race to confirm my time. I ended up second overall on the day, finishing in 1 hour, 59 minutes and 37 seconds, finishing about three minutes behind a pro who beat me here once before. Being the bride’s maid is not what I envisioned as an ideal finish, but I was still stoked with my performance, as it was a PR for the course and only the third time I’ve gone under 2 hours.

I love racing on a bike that is virtually identical to the machines the professional riders of the Cervelo Test Team used. I suppose I could upgrade my bike with a Zipp Sub-9 disc, but I prefer my setup as it is more versatile for different terrain and windy conditions. With the exception of the guy on the P4, I think I had the best setup at the race.

I feel a heightened confidence knowing my bike is a wind-cheating marvel of engineering and perfectly dialed for my riding position. It is as if the bike brings out the best in me, allowing me to reach new levels of performance I didn’t think were previously possible. Every time I toe the line before the race, I feel like I have an advantage over the guy next to me because I have a secret weapon waiting for me in transition. There is no under-estimating the power of feeling confident and comfortable with your bike.

There you have it. Cervelos make you faster. I guess that’s old news now, but seriously, check them out here. Let us know about your cycling experiences and post a comment if you like.

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