Cross Vegas Race Report, Video & Gallery

Cross Vegas paid off once again as the most exciting event of the week here at Interbike. With a wide variety of riders from both sides of the pond, including Liquigas-Cannondale Pro Tour honcho Ted King, and the massive Interbike media circus on hand, competitors pushed hard to impress the teeming throng.

The race started with Ryan Trebon (Cannondale-CyclocrossWorld) launching his trademark attack that began with his first pedal stroke. Cannondale-CyclocrossWorld rider Tim Johnson and Rapha-Focus rider Jeremy powers were not about to let him get away and stuck to Trebon’s wheel like Portland’s mud.

After two laps Trebon’s pace began to slow and Tim Johnson attacked hard. Powers was tight on his former teammate’s  wheel however and patiently waited to make his move. After three laps of cat and mouse between the two, Powers made his took off with two and a half laps to go in the race. He dialed up the pace about three notches pushing hard on the pedals grinding away in the saddle. The charismatic Rapha Focus rider developed an 80 yard gap between himself and Tim Johnson in about 30 seconds.

From there it was all over. With Powers and Johnson already far off the front, no one was able to bridge the gap and Powers sailed into the finish unopposed for the top step of the podium at Cross Vegas. Belgian Ben Berden (Raleigh-Clement) hung on for third.