Garmin-Barracuda, the Blue Peloton and Magura

Garmin Barracuda Team Jersey 2012

The 2012 Garmin-Barracuda Team Jersey.

We can’t wait for the Tour Down Under to start this weekend so we can finally talk about racing again. But until then, we are left to discuss other news, such as Garmin-Cervelo’s new team name and kit.

Garmin-Cervelo will now be known as Garmin-Barracuda and is reverting back to the argyle design that graced the Slipstream jerseys of yesteryear. In case you were wondering, Barracuda Networks is a software company that provides security, networking and storage solutions. It’s too bad Cervelo is no longer a title sponsor, but it’s great that the team could pick up another high-profile sponsor.


Check out the aero dimples.

The new kit is very similar to the special edition Tour de France jersey the team raced in last year with blue argyle on the bottom and white across the mid-section. Castelli improved what is already the most comfortable pair of bib shorts on the planet by adding dimples on the fabric of the thighs to reduce aerodynamic drag. Castelli also claims the Aero Race Jersey will save 10 watts at 40km/h compared to a standard cycling jersey.

We can’t help but take note how many teams will be sporting blue motifs in 2012. One of the best parts about watching cycling on TV is the dazzling rainbow of colors that comprise the mercurial globule that is the Pro Peloton. This year, Garmin-Barracuda, Saxo Bank, Omega Pharma-Quick Step and Team Sky will all ride in kits that feature some shade of blue as the primary color. Can you imagine a four-man breakaway forming with a rider from each of these teams? It’d be more than a little tough to tell them apart.

Another interesting tidbit that came out of this announcement was that mountain bike brake manufacturer Magura has signed on as a Garmin-Barracuda team sponsor. Rumor has it that Magura is launching some new road components this year, possibly hydraulic brakes for road and TT frames. After months of hype, Cervelo will finally unveil the new P5 triathlon/TT bike on January 18th, perhaps outfitted with some fancy new Magura brakes? We’ll soon find out and you can bet we’ll have more information about it here when the news brakes, pun definitely intended.

We’ll leave you with this video of Garmin-Barracuda pro Christophe Le Mevel training in the new kit on a snowy European mountain. If you are the type of rider who hides in the basement spending lonely hours on the trainer, this will hopefully inspire you to get out and ride.

Click on this image to see the video.

Click on the image to see the video.