Let Us Entertain You!

In this week’s video heap you’ll find some controversial track cycling from the Olympics, the trailer for an amazing new freeride vid, possibly the scariest trail in the world plus a Rad trip back in time.

Philip Hindes created a stir when he deliberately crashed in a qualifying heat against France after a poor start in the men’s team sprint event. The British trio was granted a re-start and eventually went on to win a gold medal. Is this loophole really in the “spirit the Olympics,” especially after an 800 meter runner was disqualified for dropping out of his race to save energy for the 1,500? The Algerian runner was eventually re-instated for the 1,500, but he had to claim a medical issue prevented him from giving 100%.

 This is one of the sickest looking mountain bike videos to come out in a while. The film follows the world’s top freeriders as they search for unridden terrain around the globe. From wherethetrailends.com, “This is the most progressive and ambitious mountain biking ever attempted resulting in an entertainment adventure unlike anything experienced before.” We have to agree.

Is this the most intimidating trail ever? Just don’t look to the left.

It’s been 25 years since the generation-defying movie Rad hit theaters. What child or teenager of the 80’s didn’t lust for a Mongoose Californian BMX bike after watching this?