Let Us Entertain You!


Here we go… Friday Funtime! If you can’t get out for a ride right now, hopefully we can convince you to include one in your weekend plans.

Let’s start off with some footage of our local trails. Charlotte’s Meadow is south of us near Los Olivos, and is the site of numerous races throughout the year. Botanical, Morning Glory, and the Eucs are the trails featured in the San Luis Obispo segment.


Next up is the World’s Fastest Mountain Biker, Aaron Gwinn, taking us on a practice run at Fort William in Scotland. It’s six minutes long so go fill up your coffee mug before you press play.


Some nostalgia from 1979’s Breaking Away (a must-see classic!)… You can’t do this with a CO2 cartridge!


And Finally, here’s a look back at 2011’s quest for the Yellow Jersey.