Art’s Cyclery Tears it Up at the Nevada State DH Championships

Bootleg Canyon attracted some of the best for the 2014 Nevada State Downhill Championships. The likes of Aaron Gwin, Cody Kelley, and Kevin Aiello graced the downhill event.

1st: Gwin. 2nd: Aiello. 3rd: Kelley

But the true big names at the event belonged to the Art’s Cyclery crew. Art’s mechanic Cory Sullivan snagged 11th place in the Pro Men’s Downhill and a very impressive 2nd place in the Pro Men’s Super-D. Downhill may be the fan favorite right now but don’t be surprised if the more enduro oriented Super-D events begin to steal the show in the coming years. Daniel Brisbon, an Art’s Cyclery warehouse magician and all around nice guy, had a strong showing in the Pro Men’s Downhill as well, finishing 16th place. Max Ramos, another pro wrench for Art’s, raced the CAT 1 Super-D and Downhill events, finishing 1st and 2nd place respectively. Way to freaking kill it Mr. Ramos.

Ramos killing it in spandex

Cory snagging second in the Super-D

Max on the podium for CAT 1 downhill

I’ll leave you with a look at the Downhill course through the eyes of Aaron Gwin.