Ask a Mechanic: Don’t Get Caught With the Wrong Valve Extenders

Question: I have a set of HED Jet 6 rims and I’m having a really hard time getting my valve extenders to not leak air. Is there some kind of trick that I’m missing? From: Ryan

Answer: Half the battle with valve extenders can be won by picking the right tube and extender. I always opt for valve extenders that are made to work with tubes utilizing a removable valve core. This type of extender seals well and is easier to inflate and deflate than extenders that are made to fit over the top of an open valve.

I like to add a little Teflon tape to the threads on the extender before installing it in the tube’s valve stem. The tape helps to ensure an airtight seal.

Although I don’t like the other style of valve extenders very much, they do have one big advantage; they will work with any tube whether it has a removable core or not. So I like to carry a couple with me just in case I run out of spare tubes and need to bum a tube off of a buddy that may not carry tubes with removable cores.

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