Do You Want to Ride Like a Pro? – Part Deux: Pacelines


Because everyone wants a turn in the wagon.

Believe it or not, this motivational poster bears a striking resemblance to the Pro Peloton. You can almost feel the strain as the front man dances on his pedals, surging forward to distance himself from the pack. The next rider struggles to hold his wheel, gripping so tightly to the leader that he’s basically on top of him. The main group is not far behind, holding on for dear life as the lead riders break the wind and pull them closer and closer to the finish line.

So you see, these kids were probably totally unaware that their form flawlessly matched that of the pros, yet they still managed to execute techniques which made them more efficient and faster… well kind of. Although these guys could certainly do a better job of matching their team kits, we over at Art’s Cyclery want you to be just like them. We want it to be easy and effortless for you to utilize tour winning techniques, so you too can ride like a Pro. That’s why we created the Rules of the Road video series to help you become a safer, more confident and, most importantly, stronger cyclist.

In the second installment, Rules of the Road: Paceline, we show you how to ride in a double paceline and how it can help your next group ride go faster than ever. Hit the play button below and you’ll be one step closer to pulling your team to a tour victory.

During popular races like the Tour de France or the Tour of California, the media tend to focus all their attention on the day’s stage winner or the ever popular man in Yellow. It’s easy to forget that cycling is a team sport, won or lost by the performance of your lycra clad brethren. The picture of the kids above may not be the prettiest example of teamwork but at least they’re trying. All that stands between you and the pros is a heck of a lot of practice, so get out there, get hammering and don’t forget to tune in next friday for another installment of the Rules of the Road video series.