Five Must Have Road Helmets of 2017

Looking for a new lid? Wondering what your buddies are going to be using to protect their domes this year? Chances are you’ll end up with one of these five helmets here. From what we’ve seen, this list presents the best performance, features, and value of 2017’s road helmet choices.

Bell Zephyr—If cutting-edge technology is what you want, this is the helmet to have. Bell has loaded the Zephyr with notable features enhancing safety, convenience, and style. A MIPS slip plane is integrated into the Float Fit Race retention system, which also offers micro-detente tension adjustability. Boosting your safety is Bell’s Progressive Layering EPS liner, which absorbs impact energy more effectively than a single layer of harder foam.

Bell Zephyr

Bell’s awesome Zephyr helmet.

Smith Overtake— Want a helmet with a distinct look to it, and not just because of its shape? Smith’s Aerocore technology packs Koroyd tubes into all the Overtake‘s vents, which they claim increases both ventilation and impact absorption capabilities. If you’re looking for a radical take on helmet design, this is it.

smith overtake

Team UHC and their Smith Overtake helmets.

Giro Savant— With the look, ventilation, and adjustability of a top-shelf race helmet, the Giro Savant serves up a solid helping of have your cake and eat it too. All that comes in at half the cost of the helmets the Savant mimics.

Giro Savant

The Giro Savant

Specialized Evade— With road helmets split into several different categories, Specialized has taken control of the “aero road” designation, thanks to the Specialized Evade. Tested, refined, and tested again in the proprietary Win Tunnel, the Evade’s aerodynamics will help you slice and dice your way to the podium without suffering the indignities of an overheated head.


The Evade winning races.

Lazer Blade— One of the best retention systems on the market, Lazer’s Rollsys puts smooth, consistent tension all the way around your head for a snug, comfortable fit. The Blade is Lazer’s most affordable helmet to feature Rollsys, and that alone makes it worth the asking price, but you also get to enjoy advanced ventilation and construction along with the super-accurate, one-finger fit system.

Lazer Blade

The Lazer Blade with Rollsys dial visible.