Giro Unveils Factor Techlace Shoe: As Custom as Off-The-Shelf Can Be

Giros’ new Factor Techlace shoe takes the popular Empire lace-up and adds on-the-fly adjustability. Bringing back a vintage look complete with full-length lace-up instep, Giro’s original Empire was a runaway success—thanks both to its style and the custom fit provided by laces. The Empire’s one drawback, however, is the lack of adjustability. While the old-fashioned laces gave the Empire a classic look, they didn’t allow for any on-the-fly tension tuning. Giro’s remedy to this is the Techlace system.

Giro Techlace 2

Factor Techlace: 1mm increment BOA dial, two lace-up velcro pull tabs.

Techlace consists of an upper BOA dial-controlled instep strap, and mid and lower laces. Each lace section is independently adjustable with an ingenious velcro pull-tab/lace unit. While still using lace holes, the ends of each shortened lace are secured in a velcro pull tab. Tightening or loosening each tab adjusts lace tension on its respective section, and can be done while riding.

Giro Techlace 1

The heart of Giro’s Factor Techlace.

An ultra-supple Teijin microfiber upper is the perfect compliment material to the lace-up design, creating an amazingly supple shoe. The premium Easton EC90 SLX2 high-modulus carbon fiber sole and SuperNatural footbed with adjustable arch support round out the Techlace. MSRP for the Techlace is $350, and they will be available in-store and online at Art’s Cyclery soon.