Holiday Gift Guide | The Competitor

Note: Part 4 of our ‘4 Shades of Roadie’ Holiday Gift Guide, ‘The Competitor’ edition offers up a few spot-on suggestions for the cyclist that seemingly has it all. Be sure to check out our guides for The Aficionado, The Functionalist and The Greenhorn as well.

The Competitor. Does the cyclist in your life possess legs softer than velvet? Do their tanlines make it seem as if they’re sporting skin tones from two separate gene pools? Do their calves downright dwarf their biceps? If so, there’s a pretty certain chance that the cyclist in your life falls into the category of The Competitor. In that case, here are a few selections sure to help fuel that competitive fire.

Skratch Labs Feed Zone Portables

Racers spend a lot of time in the saddle, which means a good deal of their calories are consumed on the bike. And, unless you have an undying love for energy bars and gels, you’re bound to start yearning for a bit of variety. Enter the Skratch Labs Feed Zone Portables cookbook. A product of Skratch Labs founder Allen Lim’s time with ProTour team Garmin-Slipstream, the Portables cookbook offers up recipies for Lim’s famous savory and sweet rice cakes among with plenty of other tasty recipes perfect for stowing in a jersey pocket.

Capo Active 12 Compression Sock

Sure, socks don’t usually make for the most exciting gifts. But, most socks aren’t Capo’s Active 12 Compression sock. Offering the most compression of any of Capo’s socks, the Active 12 Uses Olefin fibers that allow for impressive ventilation and moisture management. And, with an exceptionally high 200-threadcount construction, they’re sure to take up a nice, long residence in your sock drawer.

Kurt Kinetic Rock N Roll Trainer

For many, a rainy winter is simply an excuse for a lazy offseason. For those with an early-season race calendar however, it can be an obstacle to some all-important training. That’s where the Rock N Roll trainer from Kurt Kinetics looks to help out. Offering an amazingly realistic road feel, the Rock N Roll takes a bit of the drudgery out of training indoors when the weather turns south for the winter.

Fluid Recovery Drink Variety Pack

As important as the actual workout is, without proper recovery, it’s a wasted effort. Fluid’s post-workout recovery drink gets your body started down the right path to recovering with a blend of high quality carbohydrates, protein, and L-glutamine. The fact that it was voted Best Recovery Drink by Competitor Magazine doesn’t hurt either.


Schwalbe One Road Tire

Schwalbe’s Ultremo line has always been a perennial top pick in the race tire category, and now, the One is Schwalbe’s answer to the Ultremo’s impressive success. Featuring increased durability while decreasing rolling resistance, the One boasts some rather impressive credentials. Throw in Schwalbe’s trademark grip and you have quite the tire on your hands.

Trigger Point Starter Set
Daily massage is an important part of the professional cyclist’s training plan for good reason; it can drastically help speed muscle recovery. Unfortunately for the amateur competitor, regular massages can get a tad pricey. Thankfully, Trigger Point looks to bring the benefits of massage into the realm of affordability with its line of self-therapy products.


Stocking Stuffer: Ritchey Torque Key Set

Expensive carbon bits and ham-fisted wrenching aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. A small investment in a simple set of torque keys can save you from a pricey mistake, not to mention possible component failure while riding.

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