Interbike 2013: Fi’zi:k Adds the Perfect Finishing Touch with Cyrano Cockpits

Outstanding performance and unsurpassed style have made Fi’zi:k products a surefire way to increase the sex appeal of almost any bike. A Fi’zi:k component or two has always been the perfect finishing touch to both amateur and professional racing rigs alike but the grammatically challenged company is no longer content with just saddles, seat posts and shoes. For 2013, Fi’zi:k wants to take over your entire cockpit and you might be pleasantly surprised if you let them.

Nothing screams pro like a matching cockpit and the new Fi’zi:k Cyrano 00, R1 and R3 handlebar/stem combinations are making a lot more noise than the rest. The 00 level bar will be made from high modulus unidirectional carbon, the R1 will be unidirectional carbon and finally the R3, the most budget friendly option, will be made out of Ergal 7075 aluminum. During the pre-production phase Pro Team AG2R-La Mondiale served as Fi’zi:k’s live test lab and helped them fine tune the new components to perform under true racing conditions. It’s a safe bet that none of them ran mismatched cockpits.

In addition to the three different material levels, the new handlebars will feature the same rider flexibility classifications as Fi’zi:k saddles. Fi’zi:k has covered their bases and made sure there is a bar and stem combination in the Cyrano line to fit every type of rider.

The least flexible riders will go for the shallow-drop Bull, which has a drop of 130mm and an 80mm reach. The drops have been specifically designed to work with larger hands as well.

For slightly more flexible riders, the Chameleon bar extends the reach to 85mm and the drop to 135mm so that you can get into a bit lower and a bit more aggressive position.

Finally, the aptly named Snake will only suit the most flexible of riders. It features an incredibly large drop of 140mm and a reach of 85mm, numbers that are increasingly rare in a world of compact handlebars. Although the standard drop may seem a little vintage, this bar features a more square profile and is of course compatible with your space age shifters.Once you have decided your level of bar and determined your flexibility, the last step is picking out a matching Cyrano stem. The R1 stems are constructed from Ergal aluminum, available in lengths from 70mm to 130mm and available in 7- or 20-degree angles.

Here the Cyrano R1 stem is shown with an integrated Garmin mount from Bar Fly. This is probably the cleanest Garmin mount I’ve seen on the market to date, bolting onto the face plate dead center and remarkably adjustable. It just has the small catch that you have to be running a Fi’zi:k stem, but you already want one of those anyway right?

Stay tuned for more awesome new innovations from Tate Labs (Bar Fly) in an upcoming Interbike 2013 blog post.