Introducing Giordana Apparel

The culture of Italian cycling is rife with passion. Home to some of the sport’s greatest heroes and races, Italy has also produced the finest apparel as well. Giordana apparel evokes the passion and tradition of Italian cycling with an emphasis on modern design and technology. We have long had a fascination with the brand and are excited to welcome Giordana back to Art’s Cyclery.

Giordana was created in 1979 by Giorgia Andretta. The brand produced wool cycling apparel for amateur and professional cyclists and was handmade in Italy. Giordana sponsored some of the biggest teams of the era, including Levi’s/Pinarello, Bud Light and Dia-Compe/Aspen Velo. Combining style and technology while retaining the brand’s Italian authenticity has always been paramount to Giordana’s growth.

Every piece of Giordana apparel is constructed of the highest quality fabrics to meet a specific need. The fit is refined in a way that represents over 30 years of cycling apparel production. We are especially enamored with the Forma Red collection, which has an intriguing mix of fabrics and a fit that is snug and aerodynamic, but not  overly tight, making it suitable for rides of any distance.

The Giordana Sport collection by contrast has a much more generous fit that will cater more to casual cyclists. The graphics are timeless, harkening back to Giordana’s roots, but the performance features are still present, with the dual-layer Vapor Exchange material on the jersey and Giordana’s top-end Cirro OmniForm chamois in the bibs.

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