Meet Your New Favorite Long Sleeve Jersey

Every cyclist needs a go-to jersey. A simple piece of clothing that never fails to make a ride just that much more enjoyable. A jersey that you instinctively reach for on the way out the door. We at Art’s are honored to introduce you to your new cold weather go-to, the Pearl Izumi Elite Escape Thermal.

Dashing Design

As much as we all like to say that we value performance above all else, the truth is, if a jersey doesn’t look good, nobody’s gonna wear it. Luckily, with a clean black design that stands out, but isn’t too flashy, the Elite Escape Thermal looks every bit as good as it performs. It also features plenty of neon hi-vis accenting, which is a thoughtful addition since cold weather riding usually comes along with subpar visibility.

Fabulous Fabric

A jersey’s feel might just be the biggest factor separating a good jersey from your favorite jersey. The Elite Escape Thermal is built from Izumi’s Elite Thermal Fleece, which is a smooth and soft fabric that makes gearing up for a ride feel like cuddling up in a warm blanket. Flatlock seams all around and an internal welted zipper further accentuate this jersey’s blanket-like coziness by eliminating chafing. And if you’re worried about sweating over the course of the ride, the Elite Thermal Fleece is just as good at wicking sweat and drying fast as it is at keeping you warm.

Praiseworthy Pockets

As any seasoned rider knows, the details can really make or break a jersey. Pearl Izumi pushed the Elite Escape Thermal over the edge with an innovative pocket setup that completely changes the game. Two bonus pockets sit outside of the standard three rear pockets, for a grand total of five easy-access pockets. It may seem like a little thing, but it’s actually kind of a big deal—especially for cold weather riding. Now you can slide off warmers and layers and store them without having to cover up your stash of bars and gels. More compartments means less digging around for what you need, and a more enjoyable overall ride.

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