NeilPryde Cuts the Wind and Cuts Out the Competition

A whole herd of NeilPryde Alize aero race bikes just rolled into Art’s Cyclery… and they definitely have the whole black stallion look down pat. Nothing screams power and elegance like a murdered out paint job.

For those of you that might be scratching your heads at the name, NeilPryde has been developing high performance, high speed products for nearly 40 years. They began their history of racing success in the windsurfing game, but in the past few years have turned their focus to the cycling industry. I know exactly what you’re thinking because I thought it too. What could a windsurfing company possibly know about making high end carbon road bikes?

Well let’s see… NeilPryde has 40 years of experience working with aerodynamics and carbon lay up processes to create their seafaring performance products. A good start. They collaborated with BMW Designworks USA and the A2 wind tunnel in North Carolina during the designing and testing of their road bikes. Ok… it looks like they utilized a few experts. They won a slew of prestigious design awards for the Alize, their first foray into the bike making business, including the President’s Design Award-Singapore, a Gold in the Design for Asia competition and the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

Alright, so they won some awards for their design? Big whoop. They made a bike that looks like it means business but how does the Alize perform under actual riding conditions?

Pretty well I’d say… They were ridden in the Pro Tour this year by United Healthcare. 

Now a little bit about the actual bike. The Alize is an aerodynamic monster that practically begs its rider to break away from the peloton. It has oversized tube shapes and a massive bottom bracket to create a stiff front triangle that transfers every ounce of your power to the ground. This is one bike that could please both a sprinter and a climber due to its impressive lack of flex. The elegantly designed frame is not just for show, every contour has been carefully tuned to direct airflow and minimize drag.  The optimized tube profiling works in conjunction with the extended Kammtail tube shapes to create a slippery, aerodynamic race weapon. A2

wind tunnel testing in North Carolina was used to refine the aerofoil profiles of the frame and fork to manage airflow over the wheels and components. The seat tube is wider than the the rear wheel to divert air and the seatpost is elliptically shaped, incredibly thin and entirely within UCI guidelines. A replacement 78 degree seatpost is available as well from NeilPryde, should you ever want a more forward position to go with a pair of clip-on aerobars.

Although this bike was designed to maximize aerodynamics and stiffness, comfort was not forgotten. The rear triangle was designed to create compliance so the ride isn’t completely unforgiving and the carefully thought out carbon layup deadens some of that road shock. The frame has full internal cable routing that is compatible with all mechanical groups and Shimano Di2, making it upgrade ready. If you are looking for a bike that will dominate the flats yet is still light enough to tackle climbing and even the occasional time trial or triathlon, the Alize is one of the best tools we’ve seen for the job.

Art’s Cyclery has the following NeilPryde Alize builds in stock and ready to ship: