Shimano Releases Official Dura-Ace 9000 and 9070 Di2 Photos and Technical Information

Shimano’s latest top-of-the-line 11-speed group has been one of the worst keep secrets in cycling with leaks abounding over the last six months. Even so, Shimano was able to keep the details and photos of the 11-speed Di2 group from getting out. We have posted the official photos here so you can see the new Dura-Ace in all its glory.

The most interesting aspect of the new Di2 is the battery that can now be integrated into frames and seatposts using Shimano supported components. Other notable features are that the wiring harnesses will now utilize the Ultegra standard wires for slimmer sockets and universal fit across all components and more satellite shifter options are available. All of the options are shown in a diagram included below. It appears that sprinter and satellite shifters located at the top of the bar will continue to be available as they were before.

Mechanical Dura-Ace has also picked up a number of improvements. The front derailleur is the most obvious with a very long lever arm that allows the derailleur to shift the chain up to the big ring with greater speed and force. This will allow the mechanical group to approximate Dura-Ace Di2’s market leading front shift quality. Brakes have also changed a bit too and utilize both a dual pivot configuration and a cam actuation to ostensibly harness the best of both designs. Aerodynamics have also been optimized based on the position of the brake whether it is in the front or rear.

Check back at our blog for information regarding pricing and availability when that information becomes available.