This Just In: Schwalbe One Tubeless Road Tire rule them all, Schwalbe's latest tubeless offering packs an awfully flat-resistant, grippy punch

With road tubeless technology finally starting to catch on, Schwalbe’s latest addition to the category is a rather fortuitous one. Based on the strong success of their Ultremo ZX tubeless offering Schwalbe’s One Tubeless Road Tire represents the pinnacle of Scwhalbe’s tire technology.

Oriented toward performance, the One brings a slick tread to the table, along with a supple casing designed for an absolute minimum of rolling resistance. In fact, internal testing showed the One tubeless to generate just 19 watts of rolling resistance, compared to 22 watts for the folding-bead One and 24.5 watts for the Ultremo ZX folding bead.

A revamped tread compound ensures that the One Tubeless will maintain the tenacious grip Schwalbe’s reputation is based on, while the company’s V-Guard breaker belt employs the same material used by NASA for the Mars rover’s inflatable landing bags. Featuring an extremely tight weave, the material protects against punctures without drastically affecting the One’s supple ride qualities.

Adding to the One’s versatility, Schwalbe offers it 23c, 25c and 28c varieties. Personally, I’ve got a pair of 28s on the top of my holiday wish list for some wet and wild winter adventures.

Kevin Rouse may have been a bit late to the bike-riding party, but he’s certainly making up for lost miles. Having discovered cycling while studying journalism at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, he enjoys long days in the saddle whenever—and however—he can get them. You can usually find him on two wheels, but if not, you’d be well served to check the nearest coffee shop.