Zipp Super 9 Disc Face Lift – Are You Impressed Yet?

The Zipp Super 9 Carbon Clincher Disc Wheel has already made a name for itself as the fastest wheel ever. Zipp was able to give the clincher a huge aerodynamic advantage by carefully shaping the brake track to make the transition from tire to rim smoother. A technique that is not possible with a tubular wheel. With the ultra-wide rim profile and a braking experience very close to that of an aluminum rim, the Super 9 Disc is already the obvious choice when it comes to disc wheels.

Zipp has now released a limited edition version of the Super 9 Disc Clincher with “Impress Technology” and now there is yet another reason to run the fastest wheel ever. As if you needed one. The Impress Technology is what Zipp uses to imprint graphics directly onto the carbon fiber instead of using decals. This saves a little weight and makes the graphics a bit more durable but the best part is what this means for Zipp’s future. Instead of just “Beyond Black” and white graphics, Zipp will surely be adding a little color and a little more style to their line up in the upcoming years. Although Impress Technology is only available on the limited edition Zipp Impress Super 9 Disc Wheel Clincher for now, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot more of it to come. Maybe one day I could even get my face imprinted on my wheels like I’ve always wanted. That would be impressive.