Sneak Peek: 2013 Sidi

Here’s a look at a few shoes from Sidi’s 2013 collection. The most notable shoe in the lineup is the Wire, which replaces the Ergo 3 at the top of the heap. The upper has two Techno 3 buckles instead of Velcro straps and a traditional buckle on the Ergo 3. This shoe also comes in a Speedplay specific sole version. You’ll be tough to miss in these neon beauties.

New for 2013, the Sidi Wire is available in neon yellow. MSRP: $499.99.

The white version of the Wire.

The Genius 6.6 is still available in white and blue, but is now available in a white and black model.

Genius 6.6 in white and black.

Sidi is also introducing a new model called the Tarus that is a basic, three-strap “entry level” shoe at $179.99. That price gets you a lot more features on just about any other brand, but it’s tough to beat the quality, fit and durability of any Sidi.

The Tarus in black.

Sidi is also coming out with a new mountain shoe called the Drako, which features two Techno buckles like the Wire. There’s a new tri shoe as well called the T3 Carbon Air.