Sneak Peek: 2014 Capo Apparel

Capo is our fastest growing apparel brand here at Art’s Cyclery and the 2014 collection looks fetching enough to continue that trend in a big way. There are a few updated styles but the core of the brand remains the same. Italian style and technical features abound to create an elegant assemblage of apparel. Look for these products to hit our site in January of 2014.

The Padrone Hi Vis collection is by far the most innovative in the lineup. If you’re looking for some extra visibility, but aren’t a fan of neon, this is the kit for you. The reflective material lights up to be blindingly bright at night but appears grey during the day. It’s the best of both worlds. The material is water resistant and doesn’t feel very breathable, so the jacket and vest may be too hot for some climates, but the bib shorts and jersey are winners in our book. The jersey and vest are $229 while the jacket and vest are $279.

Capo Padrone Hi Vis

The Padrone Hi Vis Jersey, Vest and Jacket, photographed with the flash on.

The GS-13 kit sticks around with some new color options including tennis-ball neon and pink, for those men comfortable with their masculinity. The GS-13 kit is also available in red. The jersey will set you back $199 and the bibs $249.

Capo GS 13

The brightly colored GS-13 kit

The Ceramica kit wins the award for most improved in our opinion. The Ceramic Jersey goes for $169 while the bibs are $219.

Capo Ceramica

Ceramica looks sharp in either red or green.

The SC-12 kit was our best-selling from Capo in 2013 and the 2014 version has the same colors on offer with the exception of all white. In its place is this amazing fluo yellow. It looked stellar in person. It serves the dual purpose of providing visibility while looking totally radical. The SC-12 Jersey comes in at $149 and the bibs are $199.

Capo SC 12

The SC-12 kit proves neon is all the rage.

If neon ain’t your thang, check out the milder Modena collection. It lacks the fancy fabrics and features of the higher end jerseys, but still looks awesome. It boasts great value with the jersey at $99 and the bibs at $149.

Capo Modena Jersey

Clean, simple, beautiful. Modena.

The retro styling of the Riga Donna Women’s Jersey caught our eye. It’s also the cheapest jersey in the Capo collection at $69.

Capo Riga Donna Jersey

Minimal branding and retro flare define the Women's Riga Donna Jersey.