Sneak Peek | New Mountain Rubber From WTB

Frostbike-025In the midst of implementing a major shakeup to their product line, WTB has unveiled several new offerings that appear quite promising. Coming out of the company’s new engineering office in Northern California, the designs are part of WTB’s effort to offer a lineup that includes a serious contender in each tire category from cross-country to all mountain. Benefitting from the homecoming from college of several engineering interns, WTB’s latest designs benefit from not only some fresh thinking, but plenty of computer modeling and FEA analysis as well.

Breakout 27.5

Frostbike-003Dubbed by WTB a ‘weapon of mass traction’, the Breakout stamps out a solid profile on paper—and the trail. At a claimed 2.5 inches, the Breakout packs some serious heft and clearly alludes to the tire’s all-mountain intentions. The tire’s generously sized casing is home to a tread pattern that should roll much more nimbly than its girth suggests. Tightly-packed center knobs keep moving right along, while more-agressive side knobs come into play in the corners.

The Breakout’s juxtaposition of low rolling resistance and increased traction is helped along in the TCS Tough Fast Rolling Dual DNA version of the Breakout by the use of two separate rubber durometers—a harder rubber is used for the center tread to further decrease rolling resistance and increase durability, while the side knobs utilize a softer, slower-rebounding rubber in order to improve traction.

In the Breakout’s TCS Tough High Grip Gravity DNA guise, traction is highlighted over rolling resistance as the tire utilizes an ultra-sticky 45a-durometer rubber over a base of 60-durometer rubber.

A dual layer casing is also used on the Breakout, ensuring plentiful sidewall protection. Sure, some may balk at the 1110 (TCS Tough Fast Rolling) and 1140 (TCS Tough High Grip) claimed weights, but the Breakout wasn’t designed for those folks anyway. That being said, you can sign us up for a few straight away.


Trail Boss

Frostbike-013Another exciting offering from WTB, the Trail Boss looks to be a solid option in the aggressive trial category. With a tight enough tread spacing to keep up plenty of speed, tall, staggered side knobs look to provide plenty of bite when the trail gets dicey.

Being offered in a 2.25-inch width  in both TCS Tough and TCS Light versions featuring both the Dual DNA and Gravity DNA rubber compounds, there’s bound to be a Trail Boss to perfectly fit your needs.

27.5″ TCS Light: 750 grams
27.5″ TCS Tough Fast Rolling: 850 grams
27.5″ TCS Tough High Grip: 900 grams

29″ TCS Light: 795 grams
29″ TCS Tough Fast Rolling: 920 grams

Predicted availability for both the Breakout and the Trail Boss is June 2014, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.