Sound Off: Eric Carter

EC FaceEC, Earthquake, The Golden Child; no matter what you call him, Eric Carter is a legend of mountain biking. Collecting a set of World Champion stripes, a couple World Cup Overall Titles, bucketfuls of World Champ/World Cup podiums, and a load of National Titles to top it off, EC has solidified his status as one of the best to ever pedal a bike. Most recently, the four-cross/dual slalom ruler bested Shaun Palmer in the 2015 Sea Otter Legends Dual Slalom race for top honors. Beginning his pro MTB career in 1993 at age 23, EC was part of the heyday of four-cross and dual slalom racing in the United States. Eric still shreds hard, gives back to the sport with a popular SoCal race series, and has graced modern luminaries such as Aaron Gwin And Troy Brosnan with his coaching. We were stoked to have EC take the time to shine some light on what makes him tick!

Have you ever seen examples of supernatural phenomena, ie Bigfoot, ghosts, miniature creatures, chupacabra, etc? Yes, a ghost for sure. More of a feeling rather than seeing.

Dawn patrol or evening ride? Dawn patrol definitely.

Have you ever used your bike as a getaway vehicle, and why? Yes… I grew up in a rough area, so running from bullies and cops was normal.

If you had to ride with cantilever brakes instead of hydraulic discs or elastomer suspension instead of current technology, which would it be? I would run hydraulic disc brakes. Being able to stop is more important than speed.

Who brought out your fiercest competitor? Brian Lopes and Mike King.

Best cycling innovation? Suspension.

Enduro helmet or BMX half-shell? Enduro helmet; Troy Lee A1.

What event brought about your biggest sigh of relief? 2004 4X World Champs. It took me three tries to win!

Favorite place to ride? Flip a coin between Oregon or Kernville.

Who are your heroes or role models? When I was a kid, it was Pete Rose, Richard Petty, and Mike Miranda.

Pizza or burrito, and what would be on/in the perfect one? Mexican always! Shredded beef, salsa, rice, cheese.

If you had to trade one of your 4X World Championships for either Pairs Artistic Cycling or Cycle Ball, which would it be? Neither, it would be for a Tandem Fixie Enduro jersey.

Is jumping a bike or a rental car more fun? Rental car!

Cross-train or ride more? Ride more.

RAD or BMX Bandits? RAD, by miles.

What was your first bike? A Huffy Pay Dirt… I broke it in half.

Is it a roost or a carve?  To me it’s a carve. Roost is from sliding.

What can you not believe actually worked in your favor? My 2004 4X World Champs Final strategy.

Advice for the masses? Enjoy your bike, live life to the fullest, smile more!

What can you not live without? My wife and kids.