This Just In: Race Face Narrow Wide Cyclocross Chainrings

Offered only in black for the time being, expect Race Face to offer the new Narrow Wide Cyclocross chainring in several more colors in the near future.

Quick to the punch in answering SRAM and the X-Sync chainring technology found in their ubiquitous XX1 group, Race Face’s Narrow Wide chainrings have found great favor among those looking to simplify their drivetrains and gain some peace of mind. Offering severely improved chain retention over normal chainrings, the Narrow Wide tooth profile nearly negates the need for any sort of chain guide in all but the most extreme riding conditions—and all for a cost much easier on the wallet than a complete XX1 groupset.

You can run the Narrow Wide ring loud and proud, or flip it for a more subdued look.

Previously offered only in mountain-friendly sizes, the introduction of several ‘cross friendly flavors opens up a world of possibility for cyclocrossers. With one-by setups becoming increasingly common on ‘cross bikes, Race Face’s introduction of their Cyclocross Narrow Wide chainrings comes as a welcome bit of news.

Race Face will offer the cyclocross-specific Narrow Wide rings in a 44-tooth ‘painring’ all the way down to a 38-tooth configuration. (110BCD: 38T, 40T, 42T and 130BCD 40T,42T,44T) Weight for a 130 BCD 44-tooth ring comes in at 78 grams.

Race Face Narrow Wide Cyclocross chainrings are now in stock, ready to ship—are you ready to make the switch?