How to Adjust SRAM Yaw Front Derailleurs

Roll, pitch and yaw; these are the three types of motion that control and stabilize those giant metal miracles we call airplanes. A mistake in adjustment to any of the three types of rotation could cause a tailspin so bad that even Denzel Washington would have trouble saving you… sober or not. Not exactly the ideal end to your dream trip to Hawaii… Aloha brudda. Luckily we cyclists tend to keep two wheels on the ground and, even luckier, Sram front derailleurs only use one of the three types of rotation… YAW. Heck yaw they do!  So a mistake in adjustment isn’t really that catastrophic in our case but you still might want a little instruction before you pull out the tools. Take a look at this video and let professional mechanic Daniel Slusser show you how to get your SRAM Yaw Front Derailleur shifting perfectly. If you are looking to upgrade to Sram Red 22 or Force 22 (Both with Yaw, heck yaw!) or looking for any other SRAM Road components, click that sexy link right there.