Let Us Entertain You!

Hi folks. thanks for checking in to see what this week’s installment of our moving picture collection has in store. We’ve got a recap of this weekend’s Downhill World Championships, some footage of Alberto Contador training for next year’s DH Worlds, another clip from the excellent DVD, Strength in Numbers, and our favorite interviewee—Jens Voight—talking about this year’s US Pro Cycling Challenge.

Greg Minaar is back on top. It’s good to see the old guard still winning championships.

Here’s some inspiring footage of AC absolutely charging the downhill sections of the time trial stage of this year’s Vuelta. Sorry about the horrible music…

Here’s the final segment of Strength in Numbers, now buy your own copy here so you can watch the whole thing anytime you want to.

Last, here’s everyone’s favorite, Jens Voight, discussing the more enjoyable times of the US Pro Cycling Challenge.