Let Us Entertain You

Ride, ride, ride. If it’s not raining where you are, get one in for us, ’cause our dirt is muddy, and the roads are about to get drenched again.

‘Cross racing, as everyone knows, is all about pain. Usually it’s the type that comes from within. Sometimes, well, often, it’s inflicted by a foreign object.

There have been a lot of “one last ride before the lifts close” clips lately. This one stands out because it’s all women, and yes, they probably got a couple more days in before the snow fell.

No wonder Olly Forster rips so hard. If this trail was in your backyard, you’d be getting in all-day shred sessions too.

Here’s one more for the ladies. Keep ripping, at whatever you do, so all the little daughters out there will have some inspiration.