Let Us Entertain You!

We’re pretty excited about this week’s video line-up. We’ve got local legends, heavy history, a vascillating van, and serious shredding all on tap, plus a couple extras for y’all.

Ben and Nate Furbee are two local chargers who have been ripping up the local trails since they could fit into a penguin’s tuxedo. Here they are shredding one our favorite lunch-ride trails. Oh, and that rocky climb at 2:00 they are making look like a paved road? It’s a lot harder than that… The Furbs have the skills up and down.

Here’s another local legend attempting to kill himself, this time in a VW Vanagon. Now, a Syncro in the hands of a skilled pilot can roll right over those ramps with nary a wiggle. Jad’s van, however, is a modified 2WD Vanagon with a locking rear differential, so it’s a little harder without the additional pull the Syncro front differential provides. Jad, however, handles it like a pro.

Tires. You need them on your bike. They (usually) provide control. Sometimes, though, they are at the mercy of the elements, and that’s when neat little videos with cool soundtracks come to life.

Yes, we all thought this was cool back then. If you are old enough to have been there, then the current neon revival is baffling, but now I’m dating myself, and I haven’t aged as well as JT.

This is a great video, full of inspiring riding, but for me, the highlight is at about 3:05. Check out that turn; rendering the whole front-tire-for-steering-and-rear-tire-for-traction philosophy false—all you need is a versatile rear.

Lastly, here’s a cool Tumblr site to keep an eye on called Velo Culture.