Let Us Entertain You

Greetings, fellow diversion-seekers. This week’s video round-up includes the obvious, the oblivious, the cultural, the limelight, and the behind-the-scenes efforts to enhance our happiness. Enjoy!

Of course, Paris-Roubaix takes the first spot. Here is the final four kilometers of the race. It really gets interesting with about two kilometers to go.

There was more to the race than the last four kilometers, of course. Thrills and spills aplenty in this highlight video.

From skinny tires to fat, this awesome video puts together three of the most impressive DH race runs in the last five years. Danny Hart’s legendary World Champs run and Sam Hill’s heartbreaking bid for the 2008 Worlds are here, along with top-shelf commentary… Don’t mute this video.

After hammering those muddy trails, a bit of maintenance might be in order. Check out this motivational vid of some riders making their lives better.

Something we lack in San Luis Obispo is culture… We would never see a scene like this on our subways. The only Subway we have makes a mean turkey bacon avocado. WARNING-THIS IS LOUD!