Let Us Entertain You

In honor of Sea Otter, we present a few dirt-themed videos, a big road race, and a celebration of thrill-seeking humanity this week.

The Ardennes classics kicked off with the Amstel Gold last weekend. Take a peek at what goes into a podium effort with Team Orica Green Edge.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in our own little world of radness, so let’s take a look around at the amazing feats people perform off of bikes.

This is cool clip of some Italian DH shredders. Fast riders riding fun, challenging terrain. Sit back and enjoy.

Intense is all-in on the 650b/27.5″ bandwagon, doing more than almost anyone except Jamis and KHS to eliminate the 26″ wheel size. Take a look at the new 951 EVO DH machine.

Last, here is a clip we’ve been hanging on to for a while, but it’s speed and beauty can be restrained no longer.