Let Us Entertain You

In honor of Sea Otter we bring you… Sea Otter. DS, DH, XC, SS, are all covered here. Sorry, no road vids. Even though Sea Otter boasts a great four-day stage race, it seems no one cares to put together compelling coverage of it. Luckily the Sea Otter Dual Slalom is well-covered, as one of the all-time classic mountain bike races, it attracts all the top talent. Enjoy!

The Specialized Team’s Sea Otter downhill experience.

…And the DH course through the eyes of Art’s Cyclery rider Jordan Smith, chasing fellow team member Vance Bennet during DH practice.

The innovative Speed and Style contest…

Here is a neat view of the start of the pro men’s XC race, shot from a quad copter cam.

Finally, the crown jewel of the Sea Otter, the Dual Slalom.