Let Us Entertain You

Water and wheels this week, for our diversion-seeking friends. Everything from sharks, empty pools, grinding pits and of course, the Giro d’Italia. Let’s get caught up…

Stage One of the 2013 Giro, Naples.

…Stage Two, team time trial, Ischia—Forio. Behind the scenes with team Orica/Green Edge

Stage Four, Policastro—Serra San Bruno.

And finally, Stage Five, Cosenza – Matera. Yes, that’s today’s stage.

Now over to some smaller wheels. Lance Mountain is a legend of his sport, and obviously still gets plenty of pool time.

This one is great. I could spend a weekend either acting this out, or filming stop-motion Playmobil shredders, they both sound great.

I don’t know how to describe this one. I definitely never want to be anywhere near a situation that Kimi Werner handles eagerly and fearlessly.