Let Us Entertain You

From the weird and wacky world wide web comes a sampling of the bizarre and bemusing, along with standard bicycle-related goodness. We are casting a wide net this week so settle in and enjoy.

First, from the world of power sports comes a fabled beast that, for the good of humanity, really shouldn’t be released. The KTM Super Duke.

Even super heroes can’t be super at everything. Although imagine what Batman (and you) could do with a brand new 650b mountain bike.

Last weekend saw the kickoff of the 2013 Enduro World Series. Here are the highlights from the first race.

Now for a couple different looks at Mark Cavendish’s one-hundreth career victory…

In Italian, with highlights from the entire stage, including a crash…

And the final sprint, in English.

What else could we leave you with but a skateboarding monkey?