Let Us Entertain You

This week’s video selection is very heavy on Le Tour, with highlights of Stages One through Five. SPOILER ALERTBe sure to stop scrolling as soon as you see the Stage Four video appear if you want to keep today’s result a surprise! Stage Five and the winners name is right below it! There. You have been warned. No nasty comments, please!

SInce there is so much skinny tire action this week, we thought we would forgo wheels altogether for the first video. Current superstar Nicholas Muller and legend Circe Wallace discuss their take on life and the importance of their relationship to each other.

Four really small wheels instead of two big ones. National Go Skateboarding Day.

Jonathon Vaughters and his take on the (as then) upcoming Team Time Trial. JV would do pretty good as a Vegas handicapper!

Highlights of Stage 1 of Le Tour.

Highlights of Stage 2 of Le Tour.

Highlights of Stage 3 of Le Tour.

Highlights of Stage 4 of Le Tour.

Highlights of Stage 5 of Le Tour.