Let Us Entertain You

Even though you’re probably stuck at work like us, we have to remember that it’s summertime! I want you to go the extra mile today to do something reckless or fun. Preferably both like this guy.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any injuries our readers may sustain after engaging in reckless activities. We will take credit for the fun though.

Speaking of injuries. Michal “Marosana” Maroši, a Czech cycling superstar, is lucky he didn’t get any from this crash at JBC 4X Revelations. He’s lucky he could even find his bike after. The really amazing part is what he does after the crash…

Here’s a different angle from what sounds like an adoring Czech fan.

How much of a pain in the a** is your commute? This next guy wanted to compare his commuting options and see how a bike share program stacks up. Bike share programs in every major city might make commuting less of a pain in the a** for a lot of people.

15 minutes to commute to work?! This french dude figured out how to do it in 15 seconds… on a mountain bike no less.

And now a man that doesn’t need a citybike because if he had to commute to work he would’ve been canned ages ago.

Finally, as we all gear up to watch the Vuelta a España in the coming weeks, let’s not forget about the amazing stage 17 finish from the 2012 Vuelta.

Although Contador is not returning this year to defend his title, the likes of Nibali, Basso, and Tour de France runner-up Nairo Quintana will make it a race you won’t want to miss.