Let Us Entertain You

There are two ways to reach the top. One is by working hard to maximize your talent, the other is by cheating. This week we present examples of both, along with some knowledge and, as always, inspiration to get out on your bike.

Brian Lopes, five-time Air DH champion, takes us on a practice run for the Fox Air DH course down A-Line at Whistler Resort. Not only is Brian going Mach 6 on a 130mm travel bike, on tires with minimal tread, but he’s calmly discussing the terrain and not even breathing hard. This is what fast looks like.

Specialized’s STRAVA KOM Killer. If you don’t get it, you’re too affected.

The Black Arts of carbon fiber explained.

I recently had the good fortune to ride the Sandy Ridge Trail Network near Mt Hood, Oregon, and can only say, “Bravo!” The trails are very fun, with every thing from jump lines to rock fields dialed in for your cycling pleasure. With trails named “Quid Pro Flow” and “Two Turntables and a Microwave,” how could SRTN not be a winner? Here’s a look at why the Sandy Ridge trails are so impressive.

What If? What if we were all living the dream. What If?