Let Us Entertain You

Inspiration from around the world today, folks, from high to low, from fast to slow.

Starting off simply, here’s a guy that will easily get more vertical than you on any given day without, breaking a sweat.

When most of us are bored we watch a little Hulu, eat a savory snack, and sit around getting lazier and lazier. Kyle Warner likes to get out for a little sunshine. Come take a cruise around Mr. Warner’s Neighborhood.

There are several large cities with easy access to outdoor recreational opportunities. Here Blair Trotman reconciles himself to living in Calgary and still staying true to his soul.

Finally, we present  Italian athlete Roberta Mancino, an award-winning wingsuit pilot, skydiver, BASE jumper, kick boxer, free diver, and part-time model. “Unfortunately, in every city I go to now, I feel like I’m sick,” she says. “I look at all the buildings, and I would like to jump off all of them.”