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As part of the human body’s fight-or-flight response, when a threat is perceived, adrenaline is released and stimulates the autonomic nervous system to affect such changes as a faster heart rate, dilated pupils, and increased blood flow to the muscles. Threats can include the possibility of great bodily harm, like eating it over and over again attempting to nail a BMX trick, or being swallowed by an avalanche. Your body also senses embarrassment as a threat, as when you are accosted by a shirtless, mulleted, saxophonic love god in a mall. Lance Armstrong, however, apparently does not feel embarrassment. Ever. Finally, the ripping of turns through loam and boosting of jumps has also been proven to release adrenaline, as will simply watching the awesome riding in the trailer of the Coastal Crew’s new Movie, Arrival.


Arrival. Learn to turn by watching this clip over and over.

A deeper look into what turns out to be the greatest fraud in sporting history. But does it really even matter?

Who the…? What the…? Why the…?

Technology saving lives. Imagine the stress response Freeskier Aymar Navarro’s body triggered as he attempts to outrun a mountain.

BMX is hard. BMX takes dedication. BMX involves injuries. BMX is rad.