Let Us Entertain You

Down and Dirty, Eye in the Sky, The Rise of the Machines, and good ol’ fashioned cobblers’ skills. We present a grip of catch-phrases in this week’s video vault.

The 2014 UCI Cyclocross World Championships went down in Hoogerheide, Netherlands, February 1-2. Outcomes were predictable for the women, with Marriane Vos collecting her seventh Worlds jersey, and exciting for the men, with Zdenek Stybar adding to his impressive collection of National and World Chamionship jerseys. Here are the highlights.

The Czech Republic’s Zdenek Stybar takes the Men’s Elite Title over Sven Nys of Belgium.

Marianne Vos of the Netherlands continued her dominance over the Elite Women’s field, finishing 1:07 faster than Eva Lechner of Italy.

We are pretty stoked on San Luis Obispo, the town we call home. Here’s a quick look at our environs, in a cool tilt/shift view.

While automated wheel building machines are getting better, we still prefer a custom hand build by either our pro mechanics (give us a call!) or your local wheel wizard. The Robot Wheel Builder sure can crank ’em out though.

Ever wonder why your cycling shoes cost so much? Check out how much hands-on labor is involved in this video detailing how Vittoria shoes are made.