Let Us Entertain You

“Fly like a seagull, on your Huffy…” (Sung to the tune of the Steve Miller Band’s Fly Like an Eagle). We don’t know what to say about this week’s video collection, only that it will take some time to get through all the good stuff we have assembled for you today. Enjoy!

Gone are the days when you could ride your Huffy down the middle of Highway 1 with nothing but some short shorts and a loose perm. It’s unfortunate but fitting that Huffy chose the gull as their spirit animal.

Brendon Fairclough discusses the deteriorating state of Downhill. What do you think? Should DH races follow the skiing example of high-speed groomers? Or should it emulate the Freeride World Tour-style of skiing instead?

Kendo means “way of the sword,” and is the study and practice of sword fighting in modern-day Japan. Kendo master Shozo Kato honed his exceptional skill from the time of his childhood. Now 58, he has passed the 8th Dan kendo examination in Japan, which is considered the hardest examination in Japan with a less than one percent passing rate. Listen and learn.

Even though it’s introduced with a North Sea accent, the video is about The American Way. This installment focusses on the dedication and passion behind American brands Speedplay, ENVE Composites, and Capo Forma apparel.

Alex Evans rips up the freezing loam of the Le Pleney resort in Morzine, France.

TLD’s 2014 Spring gear, showcased by some of their rippingest rippers out ripping.